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Serra da Capivara Park
The international caving conference was held in Brazil in July 2001. Following that conference, arrangements were made for a group of eight of us to visit the rich archeological region of Northeastern Brazil. At that time, this area of the world was the talk of the world-wide archeological community because of the work of Dr. Niede Guidon. Her work in that area, particularly at the site of Pedra Furada, was challenging the established dates for entry of people into the New World. Pedra Furada, however, is just one of many sites in what is now a national park, and the culturally important deposits are often overshadowed by the magnificent pictographs covering the walls and ceilings of the many rockshelters. Our group of eight, including four Wyomingites (John, Mavis, and Brian Greer and Alice Tratebas), was treated to an in-depth tour of the sites while we stayed at the research center in the park.

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Peterborough Petroglyphs
These photos were taken during a visit to the site in 2004 led by Dr. Joan Vastokas, who co-wrote the first manuscript on the site. "Sacred art of the Algonkians: A Study of the Peterborough Petroglyphs" by Joan M. Vastokas and Romask Vastokas, Mansard Press, Peterborough, 1973.

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Sites of Raisen and Bhimbetka
India was the site of the 2004 International Rock Art Congress. With a group of rock art enthusiasts, we toured sites across north-central India between Bhopal (to the west) and Bhubaneswar (to the east) with Sadasiba Pradhan, an expert on the rock art of the Orissa region. Sites shown here are near Bhopal and include the World Heritage Site, Bhimbetka, which is a complex of rockshelters with abundant rock art and archeological deposits.

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south africa

Giants Castle Game Reserve
In 2003 we experienced an overview of South African rock art under the direction of the Rock Art Research Institute, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. We were in the Drakensberg Mountains in the winter, and weather was ideal for the long walks to the sites. The Giants Castle Game Reserve is part of the Ukhahlamba-Drakensberg Park, a World Heritage Site, and is home to hundreds of rock art sites made by the San people, also known as Bushmen.

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