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South Mountain Petroglyphs
At the southern end of Phoenix is the large South Mountain Park. It is a desert mountain preserve overlooking the city. Rock art abounds within the park, and it has been an on-going challenge keeping the petroglyphs safe from vandalism, particularly spray painting. In 2002, Todd Bostwick, an archeologist with the city of Phoenix and a Hohokam scholar, teamed with a professional photographer, Peter Krocek, to write a book about the site entitled Landscape of the Spirits: Hohokam Rock Art at South Mountain Park, The University of Arizona Press.

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Motte Rimrock Reserve
The Motte Rimrock Reserve in southeastern California provides a protected
environment for a variety of animals, plants, and archeological sites

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San Juan River
Floating the San Juan River is a popular way to view the rock art of the area.
The river is accessible only with permitted guides.

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